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Games tagged as speed

Max Speed Overdrive

Drive at max speed in this fast pacing game

Rating 8.0, Played 2120

Added 2016-06-08

Gravity Driver

In this game, you drive a vehicle in a futuristic and dangerous challenge.Gravity works in every...

Rating 10.0, Played 2046

Added 2015-03-23

Astro Buster

Defend the earth from incoming astroids and comets.

Rating 10.0, Played 2074

Added 2014-11-21

Phineas And Ferb Track

Phineas And Ferb Crazy Track

Rating 9.0, Played 1596

Added 2014-10-10

Card To Identify Letters

Card To Identify Letters

Rating 10.0, Played 1710

Added 2014-06-25

Red Flight

A sequel to "Red Driver" in a futuristic environment. You're a cop driving a spaceship...

Rating 10.0, Played 1599

Added 2014-05-05

Moto X Jump

The jumpiest moto-x racing game on the internet. It is fast, jumpy and full of action on multiple...

Rating 10.0, Played 1800

Added 2014-05-03

Space Traffic Controller

Traffic in the galaxy is getting worse.We need your help!

Rating 9.0, Played 1817

Added 2014-03-03

Opposite Arrows

In Opposite Arrow reaction speed is everything. Unlock 5 variants of the game, increase the...

Rating 10.0, Played 1744

Added 2014-01-29


Jump your Horse collect the points and make the high score Score

Rating 9.0, Played 1871

Added 2014-01-28

Drive and Drift

Drive and drift your car to win the exciting race. Finish as fast as you can and get your best...

Rating 8.0, Played 1466

Added 2013-11-28

Notebook Drift

Guide your car, using magnets, to the end of the level.

Rating 10.0, Played 4630

Added 2013-10-03

Speed Chase

Thanks to your shooting experience and superior driving skills, you have been assigned to lead...

Rating 8.0, Played 1736

Added 2013-10-03


Cruisin: it's a beautiful sunny day and you're on a tropical island, why not take one of your...

Rating 8.0, Played 1922

Added 2013-09-17

Amazon Race

Racing in the dangerous amazon jungle can be a challenge, specially when you need the best time...

Rating 5.0, Played 1491

Added 2013-08-22


Top rated racing game which mix action and speed into a dangerous cocktail.

Rating 5.0, Played 1618

Added 2013-08-21

Gather Gems

Re-assemble the gems by fitting the pieces together fast enough in this frantic puzzle reaction...

Rating 8.0, Played 2053

Added 2013-08-12

Formula 1 3D

Feel like a real Formula 1 driver. Drive your F1 car to beat your opponents in a thrilling...

Rating 7.0, Played 1707

Added 2013-07-13

Bugatti Racer

Drive your exotic car on a highway and colect coins.

Rating 7.0, Played 1739

Added 2013-07-04

Give Up

Failure is inevitable, so why delay?

Rating 10.0, Played 2403

Added 2013-03-14

Highway Rush

Rush through the traffic to get as much money as you can before the time runs out!

Rating 6.0, Played 1470

Added 2013-02-20

Baby Happy Yard

Happy yard

Rating 6.0, Played 1836

Added 2013-02-19

Maths Lines

The arithmetic streams of balls await you!

Rating 7.0, Played 1466

Added 2013-01-20

Formula 11 Micro

Play formula 11 micro racing game. It is fast, full of action and tracks across the world.

Rating 6.0, Played 1824

Added 2012-12-26

Block Breaker: Beginings

A race against the block! Click Red Blocks to break them, but avoid the Grey ones! Race through 8...

Rating 5.0, Played 1776

Added 2012-12-17

Lost Shark

Maneuver your way through a underwater cavern and eat fish along the way.

Rating 4.0, Played 1440

Added 2012-12-17


Navigate the ring trough the 14 levels by pushing the green into the warp holes.

Rating 10.0, Played 1930

Added 2012-10-11

Night Driver 3D

Drive in the night keeping the car in the right side of the road to get more points, while you...

Rating 8.0, Played 1793

Added 2012-09-13

ATV Velocity Driver 3D

Drive your ATV in the desert at high speeds trying not to hit the cactus.

Rating 8.0, Played 1677

Added 2012-09-13

Nervous Ladybug 2

This time, ladybugs and several sheep will play with you in a different way and they will tell...

Rating 8.0, Played 1574

Added 2012-08-27

Spiderman Space Shooting

Monsters appear in the space. Mouse click to shoot! Pay attention that they are evil monsters and...

Rating 3.0, Played 1586

Added 2012-08-24

Nervous Ladybug

Here are many colorful and lovely ladybugs, and the most amazing thing is that they can test your...

Rating 7.0, Played 1509

Added 2012-08-23

Speedy Cars

Be the speediest car on the motorway. Your objective is to ultimately try to collect as many as...

Rating 5.0, Played 1541

Added 2012-07-27

Scooter Stun

Ride a bike within a time,if reach the checkpoint within a time we will go to next...

Rating 4.0, Played 2011

Added 2012-07-27

Nano Car Race

In this game three different colors of Nano cars,choose any one and play the game .in this we...

Rating 5.0, Played 1701

Added 2012-07-27


Use your epic ninja skills to pass through all three deadly passages as fast as possible!With...

Rating 10.0, Played 4732

Added 2012-06-28

Xtreme Speed Boat

Crank up your speed and win the race!

Rating 0.0, Played 1880

Added 2012-05-24


Play through an amazing digital universe where for every good action you make for survival, an...

Rating 9.0, Played 2426

Added 2012-05-16

XPEED Unleashed

Unleash the speed of this futuristic flying cars.Play against the cpu AI or try to overcome the...

Rating 9.5, Played 2303

Added 2012-04-18

Truck Racers

get your truck to the race

Rating 8.0, Played 1646

Added 2012-04-17

Bank robbers vs police

Bad guys once again robbed the bank.You are a police officer and You have a cool police patrol SUV.

Rating 8.0, Played 1592

Added 2012-04-12

High Speed Takedown

It's your first work day at the police and they've given you a hard task.

Rating 8.0, Played 1891

Added 2012-03-30


Stop the zombies before they get out of the graveyard by shooting bowling balls of the same color!

Rating 10.0, Played 2434

Added 2012-03-26

Sprint Racer

Test your reflexes and win all the levels.

Rating 8.0, Played 1649

Added 2012-03-26

Neon Race 2

Race at super speeds through futuristic landscapes. More speed, more upgrades, more unlocks, more...

Rating 10.0, Played 5348

Added 2012-03-19

Hungry Rabbit

It is fun!

Rating 6.0, Played 1594

Added 2012-03-19

Pop Board

Race around the board rubbing out the images before your time runs out.You must follow the...

Rating 10.0, Played 1642

Added 2012-03-16

R4CE 2078

Need for speed and WipeOut mash-up with SUPER HIGH QUALITY graphics! Insane speed and action. Run...

Rating 10.0, Played 1866

Added 2012-03-06

Little Traveler

It is fun!

Rating 4.0, Played 1677

Added 2012-02-29

Steel and Fire

Your duty is going across the battlefield and stay alive in this war. collect as many ammo as...

Rating 8.0, Played 1734

Added 2012-02-23

Santa Pod Racer - Big Bang + Bug Jam Edition

Choose one of three modified Dubs and see if you've got what it takes to run the Santa Pod drag...

Rating 7.0, Played 1963

Added 2012-02-21

LARRY: Pup Run

Ever wanted to race at lightning speed on a drunk 3 legged dog?... Now's your chance!

Rating 8.0, Played 1646

Added 2012-01-26

Adrenaline Speed Drive

Drive car as fast as you can!

Rating 8.0, Played 1846

Added 2012-01-20

Quick Whack Mole

It is fun!

Rating 7.0, Played 1493

Added 2012-01-16

Bike Rider Shin Chan Invincible

This is the invincible version of Bike Rider Shin Chan. More fun!

Rating 7.0, Played 1580

Added 2012-01-14

Tech Wars

In Tech Wars you will have to fight against Towers throwing you all kind of blazing damage like...

Rating 9.0, Played 1751

Added 2012-01-10

Next Action Frog

A new challenging platform game with no frills! Do hop and bop combos, do vertical bypass jumps,...

Rating 8.0, Played 1657

Added 2012-01-10

Kissing in the Office

It is fun!

Rating 8.0, Played 1478

Added 2012-01-09

50 Seconds

It is fun!

Rating 8.0, Played 1838

Added 2012-01-06

Red and Blue

Play as the Warrior and fight the enemies by changing your colors!

Rating 8.0, Played 1820

Added 2012-01-04

Drive 2

Drive the tracks, beat the time, master them all.Race through 8 tracks in the given time to...

Rating 9.0, Played 1714

Added 2011-12-30

Cargo Fire Truck

Drive a big truck, deliver the cargo as quickly as you can.

Rating 9.0, Played 1949

Added 2011-12-26


Make group of same beetles by drawing shapes on them.

Rating 10.0, Played 2220

Added 2011-12-19

Revenge of Ultraman

It is fun!

Rating 8.0, Played 1525

Added 2011-12-15

Snowball Fury

It is fun!

Rating 9.0, Played 1790

Added 2011-12-13

Whack a Gnome

It is fun!

Rating 7.0, Played 1570

Added 2011-12-12

Snowball Traveler

It is fun!

Rating 9.0, Played 1837

Added 2011-12-12

Uncle Weird Valentine Day

It is fun!

Rating 8.0, Played 1379

Added 2011-12-08

Number Battle

It is fun!

Rating 6.0, Played 1459

Added 2011-11-30

Drive for Love

It is fun!

Rating 8.0, Played 1575

Added 2011-11-30


Guide your player through 50 waves of colorful enemies and explosions.

Rating 10.0, Played 1901

Added 2011-11-25

Zombies Eat Beans

Help[ zombies eat all beans

Rating 8.0, Played 1467

Added 2011-11-24

Little Flying Police

Help the little flying police overcome all the obstacles on the way!

Rating 7.0, Played 1520

Added 2011-11-24

Drag Race Demon 2

Drag car racing just got bigger, faster and more challenging. Design, tweak and race your own...

Rating 9.0, Played 1971

Added 2011-11-14

New Colordrop

Just click colored blocks.

Rating 7.5, Played 1701

Added 2011-11-10

Pixel Grower

Collect as many pixels as you can.

Rating 10.0, Played 1776

Added 2011-11-04

Pleasant Goat Ladder Horror

Protect the goods!

Rating 9.0, Played 1690

Added 2011-11-02

Baby Ada Delivery

Try to reach the destination in the shortest time and with the fewest losses.

Rating 7.0, Played 1598

Added 2011-11-02

Speed Freek

In this game you will be tasked with collecting coins whilst under the clock.

Rating 9.0, Played 1671

Added 2011-10-31

Baby Ada Fruit Pies

Little baby ada has a big fruit garden and he is busy picking fruits. It is a harvest time and...

Rating 7.0, Played 1655

Added 2011-10-31

Bike Rider Shin Chan 2

This time Shin chan will need to use more stunt skills.

Rating 8.0, Played 1717

Added 2011-10-31

Pleasant Goat Bubble World

Pleasant Goat Bubble World

Rating 9.0, Played 1645

Added 2011-10-31

Coil Defence

Kill enemies before they go up the coil highway and distroy your base.

Rating 8.0, Played 1603

Added 2011-10-26

Kill The Wabbits

The nice and fluffy little creatures invaded every little place in the green nature. There is no...

Rating 10.0, Played 2365

Added 2011-10-19

Bike Rider Shin Chan

Shin Chan is a skilled rider.

Rating 8.0, Played 1705

Added 2011-10-11

Circuit Racers

You have to drive your high speed flying vehicle on a circuit race.

Rating 9.0, Played 1693

Added 2011-10-05

Road Fighter

It is not easy to dodge other cars with high speed on the road.

Rating 9.0, Played 1628

Added 2011-09-22

Snot Put

Fling your snot as far as you can in this cute, tongue-in-cheek throwing game!

Rating 8.0, Played 1644

Added 2011-09-20


High speed racing with a ball on cosmic roads against the clock.

Rating 9.0, Played 1889

Added 2011-09-16


Here is a more interesting game than it.

Rating 9.0, Played 1613

Added 2011-09-16

Color Tangle

Colortangle is a game of tangled, multi-colored wires and nodes.

Rating 10.0, Played 3868

Added 2011-08-29

Four Second Frenzy

50 microgames in 4 seconds or less!

Rating 10.0, Played 1890

Added 2011-08-26

Four Second Fury

20 microgames in 4 seconds or less! Jump, run, whatever you need to survive.

Rating 10.0, Played 3772

Added 2011-08-24

Vector Runner Mobile

Pilot your racer at breakneck speeds while avoiding oncoming obstacles.

Rating 9.0, Played 2153

Added 2011-08-11

RedEye 1031

Halloween night, it's time to fly! Take hold of your trusty Oxygen Mask and give it hell.

Rating 10.0, Played 2388

Added 2011-07-28

Speed Challenge

Compete and challenge your friends in this fun, eye and brain training flash game.

Rating 8.0, Played 1926

Added 2011-07-27

Circle Runner

Use the WASD or arrow keys to rotate the level and run from the red wall of death chasing

Rating 10.0, Played 4079

Added 2011-07-15

Bullet Time

Think you've got quick reactions?

Rating 10.0, Played 5556

Added 2011-07-11


Taking cues from urban exploration and classic platform adventure games.

Rating 8.0, Played 2143

Added 2011-07-06


Play one of the oldest games and dive into the wonderful world of spinning balls.

Rating 9.0, Played 2002

Added 2011-07-04

Fruit Dude 2

Run, jump, survive!

Rating 9.0, Played 2534

Added 2011-06-28

Alchemy Swap

Fast paced, fun match 3 game.

Rating 8.0, Played 2081

Added 2011-06-23


In this puzzle game the player links moving symbols

Rating 8.0, Played 2524

Added 2011-05-10

Vector Rush

Just stay alive while your need for speed is indulged with ever increasing velocity.

Rating 7.0, Played 1792

Added 2011-05-10

Click The Frog

Small but awesome speed test game.

Rating 8.5, Played 2263

Added 2011-05-03

Bubblewrap Mania

Popping lots of Bubblewrap - is crazy FUN...

Rating 8.0, Played 1630

Added 2011-04-20

Master of repetition

You are the small ball, and you have to get through sixteen levels as fast as you can.

Rating 8.5, Played 1779

Added 2011-03-03

Coaster Cars C: Jack Track

3D racing game on roller coaster.

Rating 9.0, Played 2326

Added 2011-02-23

Runaway Train

How fast can you ride the insane sky rail network?

Rating 9.0, Played 1899

Added 2011-02-22

moss 2

Guide your agile moss ball from one end of his world to the other

Rating 7.0, Played 1917

Added 2011-01-11


This quick and fun brain-twister tests how well you can keep both sides of your mind

Rating 9.0, Played 2249

Added 2010-12-30

Neon Climber

Jumpin, jumpin 'n' jumpin

Rating 9.7, Played 5006

Added 2010-11-03