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Games tagged as objects

Interior Hidden Objects

Find out the objects displayed below, which are hidden in the image.

Rating 10.0, Played 1128

Added 2014-06-11

Hidden room game

Again we has just released a brand new memory game

Rating 0.0, Played 1009

Added 2014-01-13

Room Expedition 4

Room Expedition 4 challenges you to find 130 hidden objects scattered across a hotel room. Choose...

Rating 10.0, Played 1663

Added 2013-12-13

Hidden Classic room objects

Classic Room Objects is another point and click type hidden object game from games2rule.

Rating 9.0, Played 832

Added 2013-12-11

Hidden objects thanksgiving party

Are you ready for upcoming Thanksgiving day?

Rating 9.0, Played 859

Added 2013-12-06

Finding Seahorses

Plunge inside these deep waters and explore the entire width

Rating 6.0, Played 716

Added 2013-07-04

Greedy Boy Sandwiches

Its tough to make yummy sandwiches with a greedy boy at home.

Rating 6.0, Played 724

Added 2013-07-03

Perfect Balance 3

More physics puzzle levels to keep shapes in balance. Enjoy the creative levels and place extra...

Rating 8.0, Played 1131

Added 2013-02-25

Zipzip: Secret Dimension

What is the cost of being special? Discover your magic ability and see how it changes your world.

Rating 8.0, Played 1433

Added 2013-01-25

Droid Land

In a robot world, an inventor attempts to create the first organic life specimen ever by using a...

Rating 10.0, Played 4173

Added 2012-07-30

Story Tales

Find hidden objects across 4 beautifully crafted floating islands in this eerie feeling game....

Rating 9.0, Played 1802

Added 2012-05-11

Pirates - Hidden Objects

Explore the 8 hidden objects in the picture.

Rating 7.0, Played 1111

Added 2012-03-09

My Old House

In this hidden objects game you have to help an old us army soldier to retrieve back some good...

Rating 7.0, Played 1297

Added 2012-02-25

Doodle Draw

Draw great and fantastic shapes in doodle style! Everybody can draw and you can draw too. The...

Rating 9.0, Played 1358

Added 2012-02-18