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Games tagged as kids

Duck Duck

Aim and shoot! Shoot as many as possible Ducks and targets to gain the best score!

Rating 10.0, Played 1450

Added 2016-02-04

Making Bighero6 Baymax

Do you want to have a belongs to own the Baymax, that is how, hurry up!

Rating 10.0, Played 1229

Added 2015-10-12

Undersea Bubble Shooter

Dive into the ocean, explore it and get as much treasure as you can. Shoot the same bubbles to...

Rating 9.0, Played 1244

Added 2015-07-13

Happy Clown Tetriz

This is a tetris picture puzzle game.

Rating 9.5, Played 1582

Added 2015-05-05

Math Mahjong

This is a mahjong game based on math skills.

Rating 10.0, Played 1582

Added 2015-04-24

Zoe's Day at Farm

Have Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 1193

Added 2015-04-20

Colorful Birds Memory Game

puzzle game

Rating 0.0, Played 1234

Added 2015-03-27

Dreamy Cake Memory Game

puzzle game

Rating 9.0, Played 1276

Added 2015-02-27

Tweeny Up!

There are two cute monsters that are stuck in the old building and need your help to get out of...

Rating 10.0, Played 2155

Added 2015-02-18

Baby Zoe Hair Salon

Have Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 1077

Added 2015-01-30

Elsa Maze Adventure

Elsa, Anna and Olaf are trapped in the frozen forest. Please help them solve all puzzle, find way...

Rating 0.0, Played 1118

Added 2015-01-23

Zoe Accident Recovery

Have Fun

Rating 10.0, Played 876

Added 2015-01-14

Zoe School Project

Have Fun

Rating 10.0, Played 906

Added 2015-01-09

Bubble Shooter Christmas

Let's go and play classic addictive game with a goal to connect three and more same Christmas...

Rating 9.0, Played 1181

Added 2014-12-13

Gyro Atoms

This is a great sidescroller platform game, get ready for again a new adventure of Gyro Atoms,...

Rating 8.0, Played 1186

Added 2014-11-28

logo expert

Brain is obsessed to be a logo expert.

Rating 10.0, Played 1066

Added 2014-11-28

Sam's Dream Magic

Have Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 941

Added 2014-11-10

Tom Wash Fire Truck

The Fire Truck is very dirty after finishing its task. Fireman Tom needs to wash it completely!...

Rating 10.0, Played 1001

Added 2014-11-08

Zoe Mom's Birthday Surprise

HAve Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 913

Added 2014-11-08

Zoe’s Witch Flappy

Have Fun

Rating 10.0, Played 932

Added 2014-10-31

Halloween Mania

Trick Or Treat? That's the name of the game.

Rating 9.0, Played 1405

Added 2014-10-28

Baby Zoe Halloween Massage

HAve Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 1089

Added 2014-10-28

Flatutron 9000

Flatutron is a methane powered robot which has only one goal

Rating 10.0, Played 1068

Added 2014-10-22

Eat and Gulp

You are a dog who is waiting for his meal

Rating 10.0, Played 1034

Added 2014-10-03

Royal Zoe Beauty And Pet Care

Have Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 995

Added 2014-09-29

Delicious Burger Shop

Hey, this is my new burger shop and I've been preparing the most delicious burgers, Hot Dogs,...

Rating 10.0, Played 15044

Added 2014-09-25

Sam's Tree House

Have Fun

Rating 9.0, Played 959

Added 2014-09-24

Smileys Saga

Bejeweled type game with beautiful smileys.

Rating 0.0, Played 1171

Added 2014-07-31

Dirty Zoe Kids

Zoe kids have become nasty, as they both had a fight with each other while eating.

Rating 0.0, Played 1015

Added 2014-07-30

Ultimate Formations

Arrange the following block such a way that they make horizontal lines

Rating 10.0, Played 1393

Added 2014-07-24

Zoe's Messy House

One day Zoe goes to her farm house which has been kept closed for years.

Rating 10.0, Played 1143

Added 2014-07-23

Zoe Fun Match

This Zoe fun matching game is full of entertainment.

Rating 9.0, Played 1177

Added 2014-07-21

Baby Zoe Day Care

Zoe Mother is going out for a day. You have been asked to baby sit.

Rating 8.0, Played 1187

Added 2014-07-17

Kings Troubles

Kings Troubles is a drawing en puzzeling game

Rating 10.0, Played 1304

Added 2014-07-14

Woodwork Builder

Woodwork Builder is a skill based physics game.

Rating 9.0, Played 1461

Added 2014-07-14

Memory Maniac

Remember the path arrow travels and swipe the mouse in same path

Rating 9.0, Played 1187

Added 2014-07-03


Make Frog pass through all possible levels

Rating 9.0, Played 1193

Added 2014-07-03

Zoe Forest Trip

enjoy game

Rating 10.0, Played 1123

Added 2014-07-03

Roadside Biker

Roadside Biker is a sling type bike based game.

Rating 9.0, Played 1314

Added 2014-06-27

Santa Shooter

Shoot the enemies to freeze and kick the frozen cubes to kill

Rating 10.0, Played 1003

Added 2014-06-24

Ice Cream Pairs

A very charming pair matching game.

Rating 9.0, Played 1500

Added 2014-06-19

Taxi Ride

Drive your taxi through the crazy streets of Jordan and avoid as many obstacles as you can along...

Rating 10.0, Played 1011

Added 2014-06-18

Fun Drag N Drop

: Drag a moving object and place them correctly in their respective box to score points.

Rating 9.0, Played 974

Added 2014-06-16

Reindeer Run

Race your reindeer through the snow and avoid as many obstacles as you can on your journey

Rating 9.0, Played 1032

Added 2014-06-15

Pottery Wheel

Practice your pottery skills and try to make clay pots with this fun mini game. Be careful, push...

Rating 10.0, Played 1112

Added 2014-06-14

Keep It Up

How many times can you keep the football in the air? Play this fun and addictive ‘keep-it-up’...

Rating 9.0, Played 849

Added 2014-06-13

Holiday Fishing

It's holiday time!! little john is ready

Rating 10.0, Played 1000

Added 2014-06-12

Make Me Fly

You are supposed to make the bird fly and not to fall below the screen levels.

Rating 9.0, Played 1045

Added 2014-06-11

Pou is Lost

Pou is Lost

Rating 10.0, Played 1127

Added 2014-06-08


Play the latest free fun game from Nickelodeon. Load your monkey into the cannon and prepare for...

Rating 10.0, Played 1029

Added 2014-06-02

Zoe Bubble Shooter

Images of the zoe family are in the bubbles.

Rating 0.0, Played 1276

Added 2014-05-28

Cow Girl

Nice games for girls and kids to play

Rating 9.0, Played 1244

Added 2014-05-02

Fruit Slicer

If 5 fruit leave the playing field the game is over.

Rating 9.0, Played 1046

Added 2014-04-26

Ben10 Car Rush

Ben10 is driving his car

Rating 10.0, Played 1191

Added 2014-04-14


Mouse Click to ShootMove Mouse to Move Flyer

Rating 10.0, Played 1301

Added 2014-04-12

ScoobyDoo Castle Escape

ScoobyDoo Is Stuck in a Castle Which is hunted, Help

Rating 10.0, Played 1079

Added 2014-03-29

Baby Zoe's Animal Dress up for

Baby Zoe Animal Dress up is for all fashionista

Rating 10.0, Played 947

Added 2014-03-29

Adventures of Harry

Guide Harry the mouse through 30 levels.

Rating 10.0, Played 1444

Added 2014-03-27

Minions Haircuts

Minions Haircuts

Rating 10.0, Played 1184

Added 2014-03-27

Zombie Nation Apocalypse

The undead creatures are rising, get ready to defend yourself and your home. Survive zombie...

Rating 10.0, Played 1505

Added 2014-03-24


This is the 16 th Escape for Cave Ant Escape new online game from xtragamingz

Rating 10.0, Played 1103

Added 2014-03-10

Neighbor House Escape devoted for creating good games targeted to every category of person from...

Rating 10.0, Played 1522

Added 2014-03-03

Dora in the Farm

Dora in the Farm

Rating 9.0, Played 1072

Added 2014-02-27

Fufu Vertical

A puzzle game like board game Othello. But not really same, the goal on each level is to make...

Rating 9.0, Played 1812

Added 2014-02-26

Word Quest

The future of the letters rests on your hand!Features:* thousands of words * global leaderboards...

Rating 10.0, Played 1719

Added 2014-02-25

Mr. and Mrs. Fox Dress Up

Love is not only meant for humans, Here a cute Fox couple decided to celebrate their love in the...

Rating 9.0, Played 1118

Added 2014-02-20

Valentine Board Difference

Valentine Difference Game

Rating 8.0, Played 1985

Added 2014-02-11

Valentine PicTrix

Tetris Puzzle game.

Rating 10.0, Played 1608

Added 2014-02-11


This model needs a pretty dress for the fashion show

Rating 6.0, Played 943

Added 2014-02-06

Peppy’s pet caring lemur

Get ready to pamper the little cute lemur. Take care of your new little pet!!! Clear his mud...

Rating 10.0, Played 1307

Added 2014-02-01

Monkey GO Happy Mayhem

The craziest Monkey GO Happy YET! Over 30 levels of Mayhem!

Rating 8.0, Played 1658

Added 2014-01-31

Hit Ups 2

In this game, your goal is to destroy a set of destructible blocks. Use balls to break all of...

Rating 10.0, Played 921

Added 2014-01-22

Bloo Ballz

Clear out all the balls from the platform, except one ball, by hitting one ball on another of the...

Rating 10.0, Played 1075

Added 2014-01-20

Turkey Birthday

Use the Turkey Ball in the panel to push the egg to fall into the Nest by placing all the objects...

Rating 10.0, Played 1037

Added 2014-01-16

Cuida de tu Cocolín

Be a mom! Take care of Cocolín

Rating 0.0, Played 1221

Added 2014-01-13


Your goal is to get the train into the tunnel.Use the mouse to lift the object.

Rating 9.0, Played 1733

Added 2014-01-13

Fun Ball Maze

Gently push the ball towards the glowing place. Do not let it touch the spikes and walls or you...

Rating 10.0, Played 979

Added 2014-01-10

Gem Cut

Cross out all the gems and earn score

Rating 9.0, Played 1030

Added 2014-01-08

Turkey and the Basket

Drag and arrange the pipe pieces to connect the Turkey and the basket.

Rating 7.0, Played 1321

Added 2014-01-02

Rock the Treasure

Mr. John is a good man who robs the rich to help the poor.

Rating 10.0, Played 1100

Added 2013-12-27


Collect Rain drops and make a high score

Rating 9.0, Played 1199

Added 2013-12-15

Tiger Drawing Board

Little tiger changes to archaeologist, would you like to give it some color?

Rating 9.0, Played 1190

Added 2013-12-13

Panda Quest

The little panda is hungry.

Rating 10.0, Played 1058

Added 2013-12-10

Go Go Bee

Your target is to fill the bucket with the honey extract in each level

Rating 10.0, Played 1174

Added 2013-12-09

Escape from the Alien Ship

On expedition of new worlds, aliens found our planet “Earth”.

Rating 10.0, Played 1131

Added 2013-12-06

Scooby doo creepy run

Help shaggy to escape from graveyard by avoiding the obstacles on the way.

Rating 10.0, Played 1023

Added 2013-12-04

Water Taxi

Earn score by helping the boat man to pick up and drop the passengers as fast as he can by...

Rating 8.0, Played 1245

Added 2013-12-04

Smileys Jump

Help the smiley to collect the hearts to earn score.

Rating 9.0, Played 1010

Added 2013-12-02

Trendy Shopping Dress Up

This Teen girl is ready

Rating 8.0, Played 1018

Added 2013-11-29

Kolobok Level Pack

Kolobok Level Pack features 20 new challenging levels.

Rating 10.0, Played 1369

Added 2013-11-28

Take Me To Oyster

The objective of this game is to lead the pearl to the oyster as fast as you can.

Rating 9.0, Played 992

Added 2013-11-26

Neon Ball Maze

Drag the Neon ball to the other end without touching the neon tubes.

Rating 10.0, Played 1071

Added 2013-11-25

Cheese Eater

Guide the mouse to eat the cheese and earn score.

Rating 9.0, Played 1143

Added 2013-11-22

forest kid

Click the mouse button to swing.

Rating 10.0, Played 1070

Added 2013-11-19

Peppy's Pet Caring - Dino

Hi friends this naughty dino is going for a party.

Rating 10.0, Played 1008

Added 2013-11-14

Express Truck

Transport the goods in export truck to win the level. Avoid obstacles and uneven path to cross...

Rating 9.0, Played 998

Added 2013-11-11

Dora and Gummy

Help Dora taking gummy bears to their home from factory

Rating 9.0, Played 1282

Added 2013-11-06


Throw the grenades and catch the ghosts by standing under them. Watch out for the falling blocks...

Rating 9.0, Played 1857

Added 2013-10-28

Feed Them All

Defend your sheep in Feed Them All. A funny defense game in which hungry monsters are coming to...

Rating 8.0, Played 1727

Added 2013-10-28

Go Home Block

Help the block to reach the exit in each level (24 levels).

Rating 7.0, Played 1364

Added 2013-10-24


Wordle is a beautiful word search highscores game with new game mechanics and addicting gameplay!

Rating 9.0, Played 1442

Added 2013-10-23

Red Wagon

Drive your red wagon from the farm to transport goods.Connect your vehicle with wagon and load...

Rating 9.0, Played 1042

Added 2013-10-21

Golden Snitch

You'll have make use of the snitch to turn the ordinary cubes into Golden cubes.

Rating 8.5, Played 1333

Added 2013-10-17

Twin Delights Matching

Must spot the pairs to win them all! Just give in and indulge because there are no calories here!

Rating 8.5, Played 1063

Added 2013-10-10

Break The Rules

Drive your car on the track and avoid colliding with other cars.

Rating 8.0, Played 1378

Added 2013-10-04

Bear Fishing

Help the bear to feed its baby bear by shooting at the ice cubes and releasing the fishes that...

Rating 10.0, Played 943

Added 2013-09-27

Spongebob Food Attack

In this game your favorite hero Mr. Spongebob has a big task. He is very small, so help him to...

Rating 8.0, Played 1011

Added 2013-09-25

Sliding Orc

Help orc collect all the meats.

Rating 7.0, Played 1298

Added 2013-09-25

Epic Puzzle Game

You need to find and place the correct pieces on the empty places.

Rating 9.0, Played 1058

Added 2013-09-23

Chef Salad

Chop this vegetables in little pieces

Rating 8.0, Played 1031

Added 2013-09-19

Monkey GO Happy Guess?

Do you think you have what it takes to guess correctly in this installment of the very popular...

Rating 9.0, Played 1631

Added 2013-09-19

Guess The Word!

Guess The Word is a new highscores word search game!

Rating 6.0, Played 1342

Added 2013-09-19

Kids Shopping Mall

Hi! Kids, I have come up with an interesting game for you all

Rating 8.0, Played 1421

Added 2013-09-19

Sparkler Mummy

Control the mummy to collect diamonds.

Rating 9.0, Played 1206

Added 2013-09-19

Notebook Space Wars

Enjoy the latest Notebook Wars game!Better than ever with lots of ships and weapons!Enemies are...

Rating 9.0, Played 1705

Added 2013-09-17

Batman Adventure

Hi kids!!! An interesting game for you,

Rating 8.0, Played 1039

Added 2013-09-13


Enjoy this high quality fruits skill game

Rating 6.0, Played 1147

Added 2013-09-05


New high quality dressup game

Rating 6.0, Played 1090

Added 2013-09-05

Ghost Rider Drive

Help the Ghost rider to collect all the fireballs and earn points.

Rating 5.0, Played 1184

Added 2013-09-04

Raelum Skywatchers

Fly like no cat has ever flown before in this exhilarating cannonball flight game.

Rating 6.0, Played 1435

Added 2013-09-03

Funny Kitten Ride

Help this funny kitten fly higher and achieve its target.

Rating 8.0, Played 1002

Added 2013-08-26

Messy Rooms Hidden Objects

Find out the objects which are hidden in the Rooms.

Rating 7.0, Played 947

Added 2013-08-26

Super Mario-Pop The Enemy

In this game your task is to pop the Mario's enemy.

Rating 8.0, Played 1062

Added 2013-08-23

Dora in gummy land

Dora is exploring the gummy land

Rating 7.0, Played 1056

Added 2013-08-22

SpongeBob Crazy Ride

Hi Friends! Your favorite cartoon hero “SpongeBob”

Rating 7.0, Played 1050

Added 2013-08-21

Dragon Ride

In this game, your task is to guide the dragon

Rating 7.0, Played 1107

Added 2013-08-19

Office Desk Car Parking

When we were kids,We used to love to play with toys,especially with toy cars.

Rating 8.0, Played 1421

Added 2013-08-15

Search Papoy

Help minions collect the banana toys

Rating 8.0, Played 1284

Added 2013-08-14

Butterfly Fun Matching

A group of twin butterflies rested on the cards after exploring the meadows for a while.

Rating 6.0, Played 1081

Added 2013-08-09

1 Word 10 Tries

1 Word 10 Tries is addicting highscores word search game in which you have 10 tries to guess the...

Rating 8.0, Played 1150

Added 2013-07-26

Monkey GO Happy - The Castle

An EVIL scientist has turned the Mini Monkeys into little gargoyles. Find all 15 and turn them...

Rating 9.0, Played 1769

Added 2013-07-25

Brain Age Analyzer

Test your memory power with this game. You will have 3 attempts before you finish the test.

Rating 6.0, Played 1074

Added 2013-07-16

Young Villain

Do you have what it takes to be a real villain... or at least a mean bully?

Rating 9.0, Played 1430

Added 2013-06-26

PaintWorld 2

Monsters came and torn PaintWorld apart. Launch paint-guys to connect them all in spite of big...

Rating 8.0, Played 1431

Added 2013-06-21

Monkey GO Happy 6

The incredibly popular Monkey GO Happy series just got a SIXTH MONKEY for 2013! Make the Monkeys...

Rating 9.0, Played 1689

Added 2013-06-18

Snow White Slider

You have found a fantastic game for your free time!

Rating 5.0, Played 1143

Added 2013-06-15

Scribble Nuts

Get all the nuts

Rating 2.0, Played 1162

Added 2013-05-28

Fly on Flying

your task is to fly all the way without falling.

Rating 7.0, Played 1253

Added 2013-05-26

Prince and Princess Jigsaw Game

This is a very addictive puzzle jigsaw game which requires bringing back all disoriented puzzle...

Rating 5.0, Played 1453

Added 2013-05-23


Get all the acorns

Rating 3.0, Played 1207

Added 2013-05-21

Go Shopping

Go Shopping is a Mathematics skill based puzzle game

Rating 8.0, Played 1503

Added 2013-05-18

Snow Mow

Pick all the flower

Rating 1.0, Played 1210

Added 2013-05-14

Epic Hidden Letters

Find the hidden letters within this Epic image based on the film with the same name.

Rating 5.0, Played 1062

Added 2013-05-12


Collect the gifts and go to the flag goal

Rating 7.0, Played 1133

Added 2013-05-09

Ank Coin

Collect the coins and go to the flag

Rating 7.0, Played 1209

Added 2013-05-01

Jungle Collapse

Jungle collapse 2 is a sequel to an addicting and extremely popular highscores block collapsing...

Rating 8.0, Played 1467

Added 2013-04-29

Kidz Colors

A fun colouring game suitable for children and adults of all ages. Use a full palette of colours...

Rating 6.0, Played 1162

Added 2013-04-29

Where is my Friend

Educational game for Kids

Rating 6.0, Played 972

Added 2013-04-24

Mad Pixel Run

Mad Pixel is a crazy one button highscores go-to-distance game with a new twist! Simple but...

Rating 6.0, Played 1284

Added 2013-04-23

Dinosaur Goofs

Spot all the differences between two images of cute dinosaurs

Rating 5.0, Played 1378

Added 2013-04-23

Brick it

3 color match puzzle game

Rating 5.0, Played 1214

Added 2013-04-21

Bottle On Head

Shoot all the bottles down from little cowboy's head.

Rating 8.0, Played 1305

Added 2013-04-17

Beaver Blocks

Remove wooden blocks to help the return of the beavers to the safety nest.

Rating 8.0, Played 1333

Added 2013-04-17


Kolobok features 20 challenging levels a revolutionary platformer in which you can not jump.

Rating 8.0, Played 1761

Added 2013-04-16


How good are you in Math? Prove it in iCount!

Rating 7.5, Played 1223

Added 2013-04-16


Wordcraft is a new highscores word search puzzle game with 3 game modes, 2 languages English and...

Rating 7.0, Played 1112

Added 2013-04-14

TMNT Spot the Differences

Help the Ninja Turtles to figure it out the differences between the the 3 levels and...

Rating 6.0, Played 951

Added 2013-04-13

Aston Martin V12

Drive and race your Aston Martin big power V12 engine and win the championship.

Rating 6.0, Played 1337

Added 2013-04-13

Aagy Bones

Collect all the bones in this simple platform game.

Rating 6.0, Played 1271

Added 2013-04-02

Andy Candy Fest

Help Andy to get all the candies

Rating 8.0, Played 1255

Added 2013-03-21

Pigsy Dream

Fly as far as you can with Pigsy and avoid other animals in your way. Pig's dream comes true!

Rating 9.0, Played 1503

Added 2013-03-13

Harry Potter Slider

This is an excellent slider jigsaw game.

Rating 5.0, Played 1392

Added 2013-03-10

Aboe Heart Pluck

Control Aboe to collect all the heart and get highest score in this simple puzzle platform game

Rating 6.0, Played 1163

Added 2013-02-21

Legor 4

Popular highscores puzzle game Legor is back.

Rating 9.0, Played 1609

Added 2013-02-18

Bobble Shooter

Classic bubble shooter game with endless gameplay - survival mode.

Rating 7.0, Played 1502

Added 2013-02-18

Escape The Zoo

Find items and solve puzzles to escape!

Rating 7.0, Played 1392

Added 2013-02-04

Cute Cat And Dog

This is the sweetest puzzle game that can fill your free time with entertainment. You should try...

Rating 8.0, Played 1429

Added 2013-01-24

Draw Gems

A new unique gameplay, draw gems in all kinds of sizes and match 3 of the same color to score...

Rating 8.5, Played 1332

Added 2013-01-23

Squirrel Life

Objective of the game to manage squirrel life

Rating 6.0, Played 1212

Added 2013-01-23

Winter Slider

Get into the Christmas atmosphere with this challenging match 3 slider! Connect the Christmas...

Rating 9.0, Played 1487

Added 2013-01-04

Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys 3

Collect another 15 mini monkeys in this installment of the very popular Monkey GO Happy series!...

Rating 10.0, Played 1906

Added 2013-01-02

Monkey GO Happy Mini-Monkeys 2

Collect all 15 mini monkeys in this installment of the very popular Monkey GO Happy series!

Rating 10.0, Played 1568

Added 2012-12-31

Dora New Dress Up

Play with your friend Dora the Explorer this game where you can dress her up with new outfits and...

Rating 6.0, Played 1105

Added 2012-12-28


Physics game with liquid characters. Unique concept and super-addictive gameplay.

Rating 9.5, Played 1794

Added 2012-12-22

Diego New Dress Up

Play with your cartoon friend Diego, and dress him up the way you want using your imagination and...

Rating 6.0, Played 1029

Added 2012-12-22

Sponge Bob Sled Ride

Winter brings some joy to all kids, and same goes for the SpongeBob. He's on his way to slide on...

Rating 5.0, Played 1074

Added 2012-12-19

Hulk Punch Thor

Use your strenth with Hulk to punch Thor as far as you can.

Rating 6.0, Played 998

Added 2012-12-18


The marble ball belongs to the basket. Use the gravity and physics to return it to the basket by...

Rating 8.0, Played 1622

Added 2012-12-18

Hello Kitti

Use your skills to play this game featured by hello Kitty and friends. Match 2 or more characters...

Rating 6.0, Played 1118

Added 2012-12-15

New Hulk Dress Up

New Hulk game where you can change the look of this green hero and print it to show your friends.

Rating 6.0, Played 916

Added 2012-12-02

3D Powerboat Race

Race with fast powerboats through the water. A cool 3D racing game with challenging tracks. Race...

Rating 7.0, Played 1413

Added 2012-11-30

Unfreeze me!

Find ways to launch jets of water at frozen birds to help set them free in this unique puzzle.

Rating 9.0, Played 1502

Added 2012-11-27

Cute Physics

In this physics based game your goal is to knockdown all the ninja boxes with slingshot and ninja...

Rating 9.0, Played 1778

Added 2012-11-22

3D Kartz

Race with fast kartz in this 3D game with 25 levels.

Rating 8.0, Played 1612

Added 2012-11-16

Robot Adventure 2

Let's Robot new Adventure Starts!The dream of our nice Robot is to have an adventure in the deep...

Rating 9.0, Played 1844

Added 2012-11-07

Monkey GO Happy Mini-Monkeys

Collect all 15 mini monkeys in this installment of the very popular Monkey GO Happy series!

Rating 10.0, Played 1463

Added 2012-10-31

Playnook Quack Shot

Shoot as many ducks as you can and don't let one escape! But make sure that you don't mistakenly...

Rating 8.0, Played 1428

Added 2012-10-18


Like to blow stuff up? Then lets go Bombin.

Rating 10.0, Played 1867

Added 2012-10-17

Playnook Juggle King

Prevent the yellow balls from falling into the ground. Bounce them back into the air using the...

Rating 10.0, Played 1439

Added 2012-10-17

Soccer Jump

Can you jump through 20 levels of increasing difficulty and avoid all the obstacles in this...

Rating 8.0, Played 1369

Added 2012-09-28

Monkie 2

Monkie is back, after slinging through the jungle. This time he's going to practice jumps on the...

Rating 8.0, Played 1411

Added 2012-09-28

Photo King

Flash game in Wii style. Make sure everyone is giving their brightest smile and take a snapshot.

Rating 9.0, Played 1166

Added 2012-09-26

Black Widow Dress Up

Play this game and enjoy dressing up the girl from the avengers. Black widow needs your help with...

Rating 5.0, Played 1132

Added 2012-08-25


Toss the cat, to collect crystals and speed up the robot so lava can't hurt you!

Rating 6.0, Played 1337

Added 2012-08-21

Droid Land

In a robot world, an inventor attempts to create the first organic life specimen ever by using a...

Rating 10.0, Played 4333

Added 2012-07-30

Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3

A third part to the hugely popular Monkey GO Happy Marathon series! Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3!

Rating 10.0, Played 1725

Added 2012-07-27

Battle Sticks

Objective of the game is to fight with opposite stickmen in the harbour and kill them with the...

Rating 4.0, Played 1498

Added 2012-07-27

Penguin VS Monster

1)The Monster will attack the penguin's.2)Penguin's will escape from Monster. 3)Each level as...

Rating 4.0, Played 1400

Added 2012-07-27

Dynamic Danny

Reach the blue ruby to collect it and move forward to collect more in next levels.

Rating 5.0, Played 1316

Added 2012-07-17

Mighty Moonie

Moonie is a cute little rabbit, need to collect all flags and reach the door to move forward to...

Rating 6.0, Played 1273

Added 2012-07-17

Flower to Fiance

Take roses from the left side of the garden and give to fiance on the right side.

Rating 6.0, Played 1308

Added 2012-07-17


You can explore all this adventures of shooting batmen, its gang and saving city using your mouse...

Rating 8.0, Played 1324

Added 2012-07-15

CandynO 2

it's a platform's game about candyno and his trip though 10 levels.

Rating 10.0, Played 1703

Added 2012-07-03

Jelly Wheels Arcade

Drive the Jelly Wheels Truck, try to collect all the weird yellow balls and deliver as many of...

Rating 10.0, Played 2227

Added 2012-06-29


Try to place 3 X's or O's in a row in the board, in this great puzzle game for kids! You can play...

Rating 7.0, Played 1339

Added 2012-06-19

Boomerang Devil

Jump over the gaps and keep walking as long as you can. You will start with 20 energy points,...

Rating 6.0, Played 1310

Added 2012-05-26

Dora Build the Alphabet

Help Dora to find the all letters hidden within the picture of your favourite characters and...

Rating 5.0, Played 1207

Added 2012-05-26

Legendary Driving 3D

Drive a car and avoid the other cars.

Rating 7.0, Played 1470

Added 2012-05-16

Story Tales

Find hidden objects across 4 beautifully crafted floating islands in this eerie feeling game....

Rating 9.0, Played 1936

Added 2012-05-11

Jungle Jump

Help the animals escape the forest fire! Bounce them across the river to the wilderness.

Rating 7.0, Played 1222

Added 2012-05-11

Monkey GO Happy 5

The massively popular Monkey GO Happy game is back again and another Monkey joined the team!...

Rating 8.5, Played 1657

Added 2012-05-09

Laser Blast

Laser Blast has 20 levels of shooting action.

Rating 6.5, Played 1573

Added 2012-05-03


Key and door, oh what fun!

Rating 7.0, Played 1384

Added 2012-04-30

Bub Break

Break Bubbles in this fun and addicting kids game.

Rating 6.0, Played 1190

Added 2012-04-30

Turbo Kids

Try to beat the other Turbo Kids in this sweet 'two button' platform game.

Rating 8.0, Played 1322

Added 2012-04-27

Surburban Parking

Park the cars on the correct spots, 12 levels.

Rating 6.0, Played 1412

Added 2012-04-26

Froggy Love

Froggy Love is a funny one-button physics platformer. Help the little frog to reach the pond so...

Rating 6.0, Played 1485

Added 2012-04-25

Hungry Worm

Try to remember the pattern, find all the fruits in the bowl and do not leave anything for the...

Rating 8.0, Played 1639

Added 2012-04-20

Universal Fighter

In Universal Fighter you have to defeat the enemy fleet of attacking space ships. Shoot at them...

Rating 6.0, Played 1376

Added 2012-04-18

Weirdos vs Flyers

Defense game where you must use weirdos to fend off flyers.

Rating 8.0, Played 1400

Added 2012-04-17

Super Math Adventure

Practice Math with the help of a cow on top of a speeding train.Have fun and improve your math...

Rating 9.0, Played 1887

Added 2012-03-30

Photo Book Difference

Find the differences in the photos. Click the spots, score points to set the highscore.

Rating 6.0, Played 1435

Added 2012-03-28


Keep flies off the Pie!

Rating 5.0, Played 1485

Added 2012-03-25

911 Police Truck

911 Police Truck a cargo delivery game. Drive this police truck and deliver all the police items...

Rating 8.5, Played 1818

Added 2012-03-23

Mystic Fireballs

Click the brush to start the game, then you have to draw enough pixels (round shapes) to complete...

Rating 6.0, Played 1305

Added 2012-03-22

Cat Fish Fry 2

Catfish Fry V2! Try to catch 25 Catfish in 3 minutes, eat snacks and don't catch any Gators Yall!...

Rating 9.0, Played 1540

Added 2012-03-20

The Love Letter

Read the love letter without getting caught! Can you find your true love before 2nd period?

Rating 9.0, Played 1648

Added 2012-03-19

Spiderman 4

Play with The Amazing Spiderman and find the differences between the images before the time runs...

Rating 6.0, Played 1163

Added 2012-03-16

Lonely Penguin

A puzzle platformer about penguin who travels through different levels to reach his love.

Rating 8.7, Played 1380

Added 2012-03-12

Battle Math

Defend your house from monster attack with your brain :)

Rating 9.0, Played 1183

Added 2012-03-09

Spiderman - Save the Town

The Green Goblin has cloned himself and is planing to attack the town.Help spiderman with his...

Rating 7.0, Played 1348

Added 2012-03-06

Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises

Play with Batman in this game and check for the differences between the images that seems alike...

Rating 7.0, Played 1304

Added 2012-03-04

My Imaginary Friend

Rebecca's best friend moved away a long time ago, but Rebecca still thinks she comes back to the...

Rating 6.0, Played 1397

Added 2012-02-29

Trigger Happy

Short Description: Who's launching chickens?

Rating 9.0, Played 1502

Added 2012-02-28

My Old House

In this hidden objects game you have to help an old us army soldier to retrieve back some good...

Rating 7.0, Played 1420

Added 2012-02-25

The Avengers Space Cannon

Play this game for Kids, based on the character from the Avengers, from Marvel, and their new...

Rating 7.0, Played 1275

Added 2012-02-24

Bugged Bunny

In this skill game you must avoid the sharp obstacles but collect the special shoes and carrots.

Rating 6.0, Played 1405

Added 2012-02-18

Matching Heroes

Play with Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America and more well known heroes this puzzle game and match...

Rating 5.0, Played 1200

Added 2012-02-15

Royal Envoy™

Take the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces...

Rating 10.0, Played 1615

Added 2012-02-12

Frogs vs. Storks

Evil storks have invaded the pond!! But the frogs are putting up quite a fight!!Navigate your...

Rating 10.0, Played 1606

Added 2012-02-08

Devils Attack

Devils Attack is a funny shooting game. Shoot all the attacking devils and save the town. Collect...

Rating 0.0, Played 1452

Added 2012-02-05

Wild Animal Memory

Wild Animal Memory is a fun game of skill.

Rating 7.0, Played 1570

Added 2012-01-25

Funny Face Memory

Funny Face Memory is a game of skill.

Rating 7.0, Played 1297

Added 2012-01-25

Fruit Memory Game

Fruit Memory game, play this online memory game and test your memory skills.

Rating 7.0, Played 1436

Added 2012-01-25

Car Memory Game

Car Memory game, a online memory game with cars.

Rating 7.0, Played 1353

Added 2012-01-25

Birthday Cake Memory

Birthday Cake Memory is a fun memory game for kids.

Rating 7.0, Played 1402

Added 2012-01-25

Devils Attack

Devils Attack is a funny shooting game. Shoot all the attacking devils and save the town.

Rating 8.0, Played 1231

Added 2012-01-25

Animal Carousel

Spin animals in a cute game with happy music, make circles of four the same animals through 15...

Rating 7.0, Played 1308

Added 2012-01-23

Rising Towers

Rising Towers is an addicting fast paced matching game.

Rating 8.0, Played 1456

Added 2012-01-16

The Amazing Spiderman

Play with The Amazing Spiderman and find the hidden alphabet within the picture before the times...

Rating 8.0, Played 1100

Added 2012-01-11

Fire Zone

Save the zombies from the fire!

Rating 9.0, Played 1593

Added 2012-01-02

Gravity Zones

Fun skill game, try to keep away from the planets.

Rating 9.5, Played 1408

Added 2012-01-02

Greemlins: Christmas Fires

A Christmas version of Greemlins: Firemen - a fun and comical paddle based fire rescue Arkanoid...

Rating 9.0, Played 1293

Added 2011-12-29

Ready to Awake

Create soldiers and zombies and unlock achievements with the right combinations.

Rating 9.0, Played 1462

Added 2011-12-29

Cargo Fire Truck

Drive a big truck, deliver the cargo as quickly as you can.

Rating 9.0, Played 1476

Added 2011-12-26

Christmas Gifts

Collect the Christmas gifts.

Rating 8.5, Played 1229

Added 2011-12-24

Christmas Hat

Fun Christmas Game

Rating 9.5, Played 1452

Added 2011-12-24

Mario Matching

This is a Mario puzzle game where you have to use all your matching skills with your favourite...

Rating 8.0, Played 1299

Added 2011-12-24

Cosmic Clean

Join Sonic Simon and his new friend Sonic Sophie on a journey to prevent cavities of a galactic...

Rating 9.0, Played 1440

Added 2011-12-16

Stop a bullet

Control the Bullet trough levels

Rating 7.0, Played 1184

Added 2011-12-11

Dog Game

Dogs Coloring Pages

Rating 8.5, Played 1180

Added 2011-11-30

Rainbow Fish

The life of a fish ain't so easy... It's hard to tell how they can stay alive for as long as they...

Rating 8.0, Played 1058

Added 2011-11-28

Toys Transporter 2

You're driving a toy truck and need to bring all kinds of toys from side to side in this room.

Rating 7.0, Played 1152

Added 2011-11-21


Help Pupzzle the puzzle pup complete all his little tasks in this fun and cute little point and...

Rating 9.0, Played 1392

Added 2011-10-31

Drake and the Wizards

Help Drake!

Rating 9.0, Played 1420

Added 2011-10-28

Halloween Spook

You need to kill all the creepy persons, but watch out you won't hurt innocent children.

Rating 7.0, Played 1242

Added 2011-10-27

Circus Parrot

This is Gabriel - very famous circus parrot. Gabriel can count from one to ten, drive a car,...

Rating 7.0, Played 1371

Added 2011-10-26

Steampack - kids edition

KIDS EDITION - simpler controls (less gravity, smoother jetpack)Every gentlemen knows that money...

Rating 9.0, Played 1297

Added 2011-10-17

Rajastani Baby

Help the baby to reach the toy by avoiding the obstacles.

Rating 8.5, Played 1342

Added 2011-10-13

Laser Sokoban

Push the lasers on the marked spots to activate them. Activate all the lasers but take care, you...

Rating 10.0, Played 3075

Added 2011-10-13

Shin Chan Adventure

Shin Chan in a new adventure game.

Rating 7.0, Played 1200

Added 2011-10-10

Airborne Kangaroo

Airborne Kangaroo is a funny game in which you have to help this kangaroo to jump to the top.

Rating 8.0, Played 1623

Added 2011-09-29

Adam and Eve

Help Adam to find the Paradise and to meet Eve. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain...

Rating 10.0, Played 1619

Added 2011-09-26

Dead Metal

Bubble Tanks in space!

Rating 10.0, Played 1467

Added 2011-09-19

Hare Painter

Color friends!

Rating 7.0, Played 1248

Added 2011-09-15

Pipe It Again

Popular highscores puzzle game is back! Fully playable also on Android cell phones! + Level...

Rating 9.0, Played 1399

Added 2011-09-14


Help Joe restore his ranch in the brand new game by Playrix!

Rating 9.0, Played 1613

Added 2011-09-14

Tamus And Mitta Adventures

Evil creatures kidnapped Sun Toys. Luckily, Mitta and Tamus can rescue them. You have to search...

Rating 10.0, Played 1657

Added 2011-09-14

Puppet Rush

Puppet Rush is a fast paced puzzle game which requires quick reflexes and even quicker fingers.

Rating 10.0, Played 1659

Added 2011-09-10

Kiwi's Quest

A really short and happy adventure game with a satisfying ending.

Rating 8.0, Played 1271

Added 2011-09-10

Autumn Squirrel

In the autumn funny squirrel is getting ready for the winter.

Rating 7.0, Played 1252

Added 2011-09-05

Beach Buggy

Deliver ice creams as quick as you can. Great cargo delivery race game.

Rating 8.0, Played 1466

Added 2011-08-25

StarShine 2

Now with infinite puzzles!

Rating 10.0, Played 1655

Added 2011-08-16

Beat Grey Wolfs

Gray wolves come to attack goat village,can you protect pleasant goats?

Rating 9.0, Played 1519

Added 2011-08-09

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Evolve your towers for epic win.

Rating 10.0, Played 1788

Added 2011-08-07


LabScape is a game that combines physics puzzles and precision platform jumping.

Rating 9.0, Played 1375

Added 2011-08-02

Kitty Kitty Jump Jump

Help Kitty to drink milk kept at top.

Rating 7.0, Played 1713

Added 2011-07-26

Happy Harrys Heroix

Can you make your way through 20 fast frolicking fun filled levels?

Rating 9.0, Played 1679

Added 2011-07-26

Cute Puppy

A cute lost puppy was lost the other day, and you must make a perfect description of him.

Rating 9.0, Played 1300

Added 2011-07-15

Fly Hard 2

Yet another threat for Planet Earth: Planet X!

Rating 10.0, Played 2500

Added 2011-06-28

Fruit Dude 2

Run, jump, survive!

Rating 9.0, Played 1663

Added 2011-06-28

Apple Hunter

Help cute hedgehogs collect apples turning static items into dynamic ones and vice versa!

Rating 9.0, Played 3241

Added 2011-06-13

Madpet Frogger

7th part of popular Madpet adventures is here!

Rating 9.3, Played 3960

Added 2011-05-11

Fruit Dude

Escape the jungle before the fire-summoning shaman grills you!

Rating 9.0, Played 1577

Added 2011-04-27

Frutti Freak

Make your way through the jungle and battle the ferocious king of apes to free the natives

Rating 9.0, Played 2010

Added 2011-04-19

Jumping Man

Jump for your life, as the blocks you're standing on gets higher or falls into the water.

Rating 8.5, Played 2018

Added 2011-03-31

Doodle Devil

Doodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe

Rating 9.0, Played 1533

Added 2011-03-29

Eva - Rescue Tom

Your little brother Tom has been kidnapped by a evil Witch.

Rating 8.0, Played 1404

Added 2011-03-04

Prison Planet

A single player tower defense game where you must keep the human slave...

Rating 9.0, Played 1563

Added 2011-03-03

Gunny Dwooz

Gunny Dwooz is a funny cartoon shooting game.

Rating 8.0, Played 1871

Added 2011-02-14

Bubble Tanks 3

The sequel to the mega-hit Bubble Tanks series!

Rating 9.7, Played 1975

Added 2011-02-09

Chicken's Flying School

Chicken’s Flying School is about preparing newborn chicks for a big flying tournament

Rating 8.0, Played 1765

Added 2011-01-21

Splitty II

Help little Splitties gather the Sacred Fire

Rating 7.5, Played 1608

Added 2010-12-30

Jump For Fun

Help Ginger to jump as high as she can!

Rating 7.5, Played 1432

Added 2010-12-28

Millie´s Christmas Challenge

Help Millie deliver all her items in time for Christmas.

Rating 7.0, Played 1666

Added 2010-12-08

Kill All Weeds

Kill the mutant weeds before they destroy your house, and save the innocents!

Rating 6.0, Played 1540

Added 2010-11-19

Flea Bath 3D

Some freaky flyes or something

Rating 5.5, Played 1454

Added 2010-11-03