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Games tagged as bejeweled

Emerald Beach

A manic bright and colorful 'match three or more' game.

Rating 7.0, Played 899

Added 2013-09-24

Egyptian Treasure

Match all coloured blocks to defeat the mummy that protect the Pharaoh treasure!21 Levels of...

Rating 8.0, Played 1776

Added 2013-08-12

Jewels Hero

Become an epic warrior and defeat all your opponents using your wits and strategy. You can choose...

Rating 9.0, Played 1720

Added 2013-07-25

Bejeweled Goat

Goat loves jewels very much, but he needs to make the key into the hole to possess those...

Rating 6.0, Played 1124

Added 2013-07-24


Gemwars is a great combination of popular block collapsing genre and turn based strategy game in...

Rating 9.0, Played 1320

Added 2013-06-07

Mole Buster

Swap one tile with an adjacent tile to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more tiles.

Rating 8.0, Played 1479

Added 2013-02-19

Pet Party 2 Multiplayer

Pet Party 2 is a classic match-3 game like Bejeweled. Get combos to clear levels and achieve new...

Rating 8.0, Played 1618

Added 2012-11-26

Fusion Rocket

Those who enjoy Bejeweled or Chuzzle will absolutely love Fusion Rocket.

Rating 7.0, Played 1326

Added 2012-08-03

Nyan Cat Match 3

Match 3 gameplay combined with crazy Nyan Cats - pure awesomeness :)The goal of this flash game...

Rating 8.0, Played 1617

Added 2012-04-06

Bejeweled 2

In this game you have to match three or more jewels in the same colour to earn points.

Rating 5.0, Played 1704

Added 2012-02-07

Match Plus

Click blocks with matching colors to remove them in plus-shapes.

Rating 8.0, Played 1072

Added 2012-01-20


Swap flowers in a quick match 3 game.

Rating 9.0, Played 1083

Added 2012-01-17

Glass Balls

Drop balls down and create a group of 3 of more of the same colored balls. Drop a ball with the...

Rating 8.0, Played 1432

Added 2011-10-04

Energy Contour

Amazing sounds, well-polished graphics puzzle game.

Rating 8.0, Played 1228

Added 2011-09-15

Bomboozle 2

A sequel to the immensely popular Bomboozle, which has garnered over 50 million plays.

Rating 8.0, Played 5307

Added 2011-06-29


Bomboozle is a fresh puzzler in which bombs are your best friend!

Rating 9.0, Played 2824

Added 2011-06-27

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Match 3 animals in a row (horizontally or vertically) on the farm of old MacDonald. You co

Rating 8.0, Played 1146

Added 2011-06-16


Pop bubbles in this fun match three game!

Rating 9.0, Played 1661

Added 2011-03-29

Bejeweled Jasmine

Have fun with Princess Jasmine playing with her Bejeweled Game.

Rating 7.0, Played 1250

Added 2011-02-28


Line up diamonds to make points and combos.

Rating 8.0, Played 1660

Added 2010-12-29